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What Can I Do To Embrace Dramatic Missionary Growth


You can embrace Dramatic Missionary Growth on Long Island and beyond and be a part of our One Family in Mission.


Complete only two actions under each Pillar:  Hospitality, Prayer, Formation and Service, and you will receive a badge for each pillar you complete.  Once you complete two actions in all 4 pillars,  (and you give us permission) your name will be added to our ONE FAMILY IN MISSION steward scroll and you will receive a Certificate of Achievement.


Thank you for keeping Stewardship alive in your home, parish and our diocese. 

Click on a link below to get started.

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Pillar of Hospitality

  • Wear a smile as you enter Church

  • Periodically sit in a different pew and introduce yourself

  • Warmly greet others at Mass

  • Be patient in the church parking lot when you enter and exit

  • If you belong to a ministry, invite someone new to a meeting

  • Compliment the lector at your Mass

  • Thank the hosts of a parish event

  • Thank a greeter and an usher for their service

  • Express gratitude to those around you

  • Invite a neighbor in for dinner or dessert

PIllar of Hospitality Award.png
Earn The Pillar Of Hospitality Award
Earn The Pillar of Hospitality Award

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Pillar of Prayer

  • Add a weekday Mass to your schedule

  • Add an additional 5 minutes to personal prayer each day

  • Offer a special devotion, such as a daily decade of the rosary during the month of May

  • Attend an Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

  • Consider joining a prayer group

    • Parish based prayer group

  • Learn a new prayer

  • Practice different types of prayer: Lectio Divina

    • Lectio:  read a passage of Scripture

    • Meditatio:  reflect on its meaning and meditate

    • Oratio:  pray

    • Contemplatio:  contemplate

    • St. Ignatian Daily Examen:  The Daily Examen is a technique of prayerful reflection on the events of the day in order to detect God’s presence and discern His direction for us.

      • Become aware of God’s presence

      • Review the day with gratitude

      • Pay attention to your emotions

      • Choose one feature of the day and pray from it

      • Look toward tomorrow

    • Imagery Prayer:  When we open our imaginations, we can enter into a story from scripture and experience it through our imaginations, feelings, actions, thoughts and insights.  Guided imagery as a form of prayer can open us to new understandings about certain life events, our feelings or behaviors, even our deepest selves.  It is a way to integrate scripture with our everyday existence.

    • Heart to Heart conversation with God

  • Charismatic Renewal

  • Start a prayer chain

Pillar Of Prayer Award.png
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Earn The Pillar Of Prayer Award
Earn The Pillar of Prayer Award

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Pillar of Formation Award.png

Pillar of Formation

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Earn The Pillar Of Formation Award
Earn The Pillar of Formation Award

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Pillar of Service

  • Put your Faith-in-Action and join a parish ministry

  • Donate to your parish’s food pantry

  • Organize a food drive

  • Check in with a neighbor who may be homebound

  • Drive an elderly person to church, doctor’s appointment or grocery shopping

  • Volunteer for one of Catholic Charities programs

  • Volunteer for a parish event

  • Plan a family service project

  • Donate to the Catholic Ministries Appeal or another charity that serves others

  • Provide technology assistance to parish staff or help others in your parish with signing up for automated giving

  • Show kindness to someone going through a difficult time

Pillar of Service Award.png
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Earn The Pillar Of Service Award
Earn The Pillar of Service Award

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