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Stewards Of The Month

Steward of the Month: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

If we look closely, we can see threads of the four pillars of stewardship which our Saint received from the time of her husband’s death reflected in the works of charity which she and her community of Sisters of Charity directly and indirectly offered and continue to offer to and through others—even us! 

Every parishioner in our diocese who serves as a volunteer or is employed in one of our youth outreach programs, whether crisis intervention, or orphanages and housing, is carrying out the Hospitality legacy of Mother Seton, whose community of Sisters of Charity founded the first orphanage and provided the first free Catholic boarding schools for needy children.


Likewise, every parishioner who serves as a greeter or usher, after-Mass hospitality provider, or who volunteers at a soup kitchen or feeds the poor is exercising the Hospitality that was so important to our Saint, having needed hospitality in her life!


For everyone in our diocese, whether laboring in one of our ministerial offices, parochial schools, parish RCIA, Sacramental preparation, Religious Education, or New Evangelization programs, or who has been taught by a Spiritual-Daughter of St. Elizabeth Ann “Mother” Seton is a recipient and dispenser of our great Saint’s Formation legacy. Along with any and all of who have attended a seminary or university dedicated and founded in Mother Seton’s honor.


Members in our diocese who participate in prayer groups, pray the rosary, and minister to the grieving in Catholic cemeteries, funeral homes and funeral services, and especially our hospice workers, chaplains, Eucharistic ministers, and deacons and priests who minister to souls about to depart this life are following the prayer ministry to the dying that was so important to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.


Any parishioner who serves as a volunteer or works in a Catholic healthcare facility, especially those serving the medical needs of the poor, immigrants, widows, and orphans or otherwise separated children, is serving in the footsteps of Mother Seton and her Sisters of Charity.


To everyone who serves us, THANK YOU, in the name and legacy of America’s first native-born Saint Elizabeth Mother Seton. And please, keep up the good Dramatic Missionary Growth work, remembering that through Hospitality, Formation, Prayer, and Service, not only do Saints beget Saints, but Saints like Elizabeth Ann Seton beget saints like us, and saints like us beget other saints, and sometimes saints like us might even beget Saints like St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, as well!

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