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Charitable Remainder Trusts

Charitable Trust.jpg

Charitable Remainder Trusts provide you with a way to make a very substantial future gift to the Diocese, your parish or one of its ministries, without depriving you of the income you may need during your lifetime.


How it works: You transfer assets to the trust. You can use cash, stock, real estate or anything else of value. The trustee may sell the assets and invest the proceeds in a portfolio of stocks and bonds. From that portfolio you receive income for life, at least 5% per year, after which the trustee distributes the remaining assets to the Diocese, your parish or one of its ministries. Your charitable trust can benefit more than one non-profit. 


Tax Benefits of the Charitable Remainder Trust. You earn a charitable income tax deduction in the year you create your Charitable Remainder Trust. If you fund a trust of this type with appreciated stock, or any appreciated asset, you will be relieved of paying the tax imposed on the sale of the assets. It will be sold inside the Charitable Remainder Trust, which is tax exempt.

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