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Steward Of The Month

This month's Steward is Sts. Thomas More & John Fisher: Stewards of Faith & Freedom

On June 22nd we celebrated the feast day of two notable saints and martyrs: Thomas More and John Fisher. Great stewards of Faith and Freedom to be recognized as we will soon celebrate Independence Day. 

It is fitting that these men share a feast day, because they were both Englishmen martyred within two weeks of each other. They were martyred for the same cause (religious freedom) on the same occasion (defending the sanctity of marriage and Papal authority against State usurpation) and at the hands of the same man (King Henry VIII).


In addition to this, they were beatified together (by Pope Leo XIII in 1886) and canonized together (by Pius XI in 1935). Through the centuries they stand together - one a layman and statesman, the other a priest and bishop - as models and heroes of religious freedom against encroaching government power.

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