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As One Family in Mission we incorporate formation, prayer, hospitality and service to express our Christian discipleship.  We look forward to partnering with parish leaders as we evangelize and embrace Dramatic Missionary Growth in our diocese.

Services for One Family in Mission    

On-Site Workshops, Training and Presentation

(At various Parishes/centers sponsored by us or in collaboration with others)

  • Stewardship Renewal Process (Financial and/or Faith In Action)

  • Stewardship Committee Formation and Planning

  • Communications Assistance

  • Custom-Tailored Workshops/Sessions

  • Faith in Action Workshops

  • Committee Workshops


(Financial Stewardship Renewal-Fall; Time and Talent Renewal-Spring)​

  • Bulletin Inserts

  • Liturgical Announcements

  • Graphics and Posters

  • Faith in Action Plan

  • Templates for Ministry Descriptions/Directory

Regular Communications 

  • Weekly "Fax" by email

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • Website updates

Parish Leadership Guides 

  • Detailed Plan and Action

  • Resource Listing

  • Helpful Hints

Support Gathering Groups  (for stewardship leaders)

  • Meetings as needed


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