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Stewards Of The Month

Stewards of the Month: Nicholas Viscovich

This month's Steward of the Month is Nicholas Viscovich! Nicholas is a faithful, prayerful Catholic whose life has brought the light of Christ to all those around him, including his family. Here is a short story from Nicholas' father, Bob

If you are in need of a prayer warrior, well Nicholas is your guy! He’s dedicated to reciting the litany of names that need our special prayers and is always ready to pray the Rosary each night or the Chaplet of Divine Mercy each day at 3pm. You should see the beaming smile on his face when we sit down for prayer or go to Mass. All this shouldn’t surprise anyone, since I truly believe that children with disabilities come to us straight from God with a special grace already within them, with the Blessed Mother protecting them with her motherly love, and upon their last breath, they will return immediately into the loving arms of Our Lord. Because of this, I always feel the Blessed Mother’s strong presence around Nicholas, somewhat knowing that Nicholas is one of our “direct lines” to God.


In an ironic sense, it is WE who have learned so much from Nicholas. It is WE who depend on Nicholas. The world wants to tell us otherwise, but WE are the ones that benefit and derive so much love from those with disabilities. It makes us better Christians. As I always tell Nicholas, I wish that more people had Down Syndrome. In fact, I often wish that I had Down Syndrome. I would probably be a better Christian. (“See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that in heaven their angels always see the face of my Father who is in heaven.” – MT 18:10)


As Donna and I have said many times, we still don't know why we are deserving of such a blessed gift from God, but we now know what PURE LOVE is this side of Heaven.


Thank you, Nicholas, for your evangelism and your prayers! May we all learn to love and treat with the dignity the lives of all of God's creation! For more information on Neo-natal care for God's creation in the womb, please visit The Office of Human Life, Family and Bio Ethics resources page:

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