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Steward Of The Month

Lori Zito, the Director of Parish Ministries & Events at St. Sylvester Church in Medford, has served as the parish's Stewardship Coordinator for the past seven years, and has been involved with the parish's Stewardship efforts for nearly 20 years. 

​Lori is responsible for the parish's fall and spring Stewardship Renewals and all that entails - writing letters and bulletin articles, working with witness speakers, preparing mailings, etc. 


Lori oversees approximately 400 volunteer ministers in the parish and meets with each new minister to make sure that their gifts and interests are reflected in how they are serving the parish. 


 "One of the most meaningful parts of my job is listening to the life experiences of our parishioners, leading them to recognize their gifts and watching them grow spiritually by using their gifts in service to others. In our isolated world, one of the most important things is for people to feel engaged and invested in their faith communities. If we create welcoming communities where our parishioners feel valued, they will serve joyfully and give generously of their time, gifts and treasure." 


Lori also attends the parish's monthly Sunday Hospitality events, saying that it gives her a wonderful opportunity to welcome new parishioners and be present to the parish. Lori adds, "In my position, it is so important that I am visible and approachable."


As someone who strongly believes in the power of communication, Lori has also developed a welcome packet for new parishioners,  a parish newsletter which focuses on ministries and events and has revised the parish's ministry guide. She stresses that St. Sylvester strives to integrate the spirituality of Stewardship into all areas of parish life, including Faith Formation and Parish Social Ministry.


 Next month, for example, Lori has arranged for a presentation to the Level 1 parents on "Stewardship of the Environment" and is excited to begin planning with her co-workers their annual Parish Appreciation Breakfast at which they recognize with gratitude all of their volunteer ministers. She looks forward to continuing to being present to parishioners and assisting them with their individual faith journeys.



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